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Circular Economy : ILO Launches a Mission

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Circular Economy : ILO Launches a Mission

Promoting Sustainable Actions for a Circular Economy

Fayçal Boureima, a technical specialist at the International Labour Organization (ILO), recently led a workshop in Seychelles focusing on assessing skills needed for the circular economy.

This initiative, supported by the ILO, aims to boost Seychelles’ green and blue economy by emphasizing sustainable growth and job creation through the circular economy. The workshop aimed to evaluate the existing and upcoming skill sets required for the circular economy. While Seychelles is already committed to waste management and circular economy development, the report stresses the importance of aligning these efforts with human resource planning to fully realize the country’s goals.

The circular economy, centered on the principles of produce, use, service, and reuse, prioritizes minimizing resource consumption and maximizing recycling and reuse. The workshop, held over two days at the Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort & Casino, brought together government officials, employers, and worker representatives. Concluding the workshop, Mr. Boureima outlined how the ILO can further support Seychelles in promoting the circular economy.

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