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31st ECS Seychelles-Mauritius Technical Committee Meeting

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31st ECS Seychelles-Mauritius Technical Committee Meeting

Working together for sustainability in the ECS

The 31st Meeting of the Seychelles-Mauritius Technical Committee of the Joint Commission on the Extended Continental Shelf (ECS) takes place in the Seychelles on March 19-24. Discussions will focus on issues relating to the ECS Joint Management Area (JMA), over which the two countries exercise joint jurisdiction.

Encompassing an area of 396,000 km² in the Mascarene Plateau region, the JMA’s ECS holds significance due to its abundant sea cucumber population, highly coveted in the Asian market for its premium prices. In a bid for sustainable management, Seychelles and Mauritius have committed to gathering data on sea cucumber species and stocks within the area, with the aim of fostering a balanced and sustainable utilization of these resources.

Chrissant Barbe, Director General of Ocean Policy and Governance, provided updates on the establishment of requisite committees for implementing the 2023-2028 Strategic Plan. This plan seeks to regulate maritime activities in a rational and sustainable manner while optimizing benefits for the populations of both nations. « A zoning framework has already been established, and we are currently exploring its operationalization », Barbe further elaborated.

Substantial strides have also been achieved in the realm of information technology (IT). Additionally, representatives from Seychelles and Mauritius have broached the topic of carbon credits. However, the Directorate General for Ocean Governance cautioned, « Before committing to this approach, a thorough assessment of its potential adoption will be conducted ».

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