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Water crisis : Ministerial decree for aid

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Water crisis : Ministerial decree for aid

Financial aid for businesses extended

The exceptional government aid for businesses most affected by the water crisis is extended until February 29. It may include new beneficiaries.

The state announces the extension of its exceptional financial aid until February 29 for companies affected by the water crisis. A new decree will be issued to cover this new period, according to Christian Pichevin, regional director of public finances (DRFIP) of Mayotte.

This third installment of aid for the February period will be automatic, without the need to reapply, the director explains. Of the 250 beneficiary companies, 150 have already received around 1.9 million USD in aid from the state for this new period.

However, not all requests have been fulfilled, especially for farmers, considered the hardest hit by the crisis. Some were unable to benefit from the aid due to a technical problem related to European rules on the non-cumulation of aid. They can now submit an online request to benefit from it.

New beneficiaries could still be added to this third installment. A measure of leniency included in the new decree could allow businesses with a tax debt of less than 1 500 EUR not to have their requests automatically rejected.

Since the first ministerial decree, over a thousand businesses have applied for assistance, of which 25 % are beneficiaries as they meet the eligibility criteria. To qualify, the business’s primary activities, which must have been established before November 30, 2022, must be conducted in Mayotte, tax declarations must be up to date, and the business must fall within one of the two sectors established based on areas of activity.

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