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mauritius cryptoverse summit 2024

Mauritius : Becoming a model in the cryptography sector

Fostering investor confidence and elevating Mauritius’ financial sector Government officials believe that Mauritius is well on its way to becoming a shining example of excellence in

madagascar taxation

Taxation : Accountants and DGI refine their methodology

Improving Fiscal Oversight in Madagascar On April 24, 2024, at the Carlton Anosy Hotel, the General Directorate of Taxes (DGI) and the Order of Accountants and

madagascar general directorate taxes

General Directorate of taxes : Targeting an 18 % tax burden rate by 2028

Increasing tax burden for national development The Strategic Plan, sanctioned by the General Directorate of Taxes (DGI) of Madagascar for the 2024-2028 period, aims to elevate

madagascar UNS agreement

Madagascar – UNS : An agreement worth 131 million USD

Major funding for Sustainable Development Goals The UNSDF Steering Committee meeting in Madagascar highlights the positive and productive collaboration between the government and the United Nations

mauritius india double taxation agreement

India – Mauritius : Negotiated double taxation agreement

Memorandum of Understanding on Tax Relief Foreign investors entering India through Mauritius will face heightened scrutiny of their investments as the two countries prepare to sign

seychelles educational loan

Educational Loan Program for Seychellois Students

Financial support for students in their final cycle of studies Seychellois students who wish to pursue higher education but do not qualify for fully-funded university scholarships

mauritius financial help

Mauritius Update : Financial aid for every Elderly Person

Prime Minister announces financial support measure During his address on National Day, the Mauritian Prime Minister announced a significant financial support measure. Starting in early April,

mauritius FSC IFSCAI financial

Framework Agreement between FSC and IFSCAI

Cooperation with India in Financial Services and Fight against Corruption The Government of Mauritius has recently inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Financial Services

mayotte debt financial

Debt : Several files compared to last year

Number of cases to be handled continues to rise The Debt Mediation Commission presents its assessment of the year 2023. The number of cases filed is

seychelles russia debt

Debt restructuring agreement with Russia

Reductions on repayments Seychelles has reached a debt restructuring agreement with Russia, resulting in substantial reductions in repayments for a loan granted in 1987. Initially facing

mayotte financial CCI

New financial mechanism for crisis response

Grants of up to 4,000 EUR and water crisis aid ratified During a meeting with economic operators at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Mayotte

seychelles financial tax

Tax burden : Seychelles leading in Africa

Tax pressure across African nations Seychelles emerges as the second-highest taxed country in Africa, following Algeria. According to Wisevoter, Algeria leads the continent with a tax