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News Madagascar: 6 airlines certified

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News Madagascar: 6 airlines certified

Madagascar Civil Aviation gives priority to safety

Madagascar Civil Aviation (ACM) has proudly announced that six Malagasy registered aviation companies, including Madagascar Trans Air (MTA), Henri Fraise Fils & Cie HFF Travel Airways, Trans Ocean Airways (TOA), Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), Sky Service, and GS Aviation, have been awarded Aircraft Operator Safety Program (PSEA) documents, following approval by ACM in accordance with international standards.

« Civil aviation security stands as an absolute priority, and we are pleased to confirm that six Malagasy companies have obtained their certification », declared Madagascar Civil Aviation on March 19th. ACM further disclosed that, as part of its commitment to safety, a safety awareness and culture session took place on March 11th and 12th at its Antananarivo premises. The discussions centered around the effective implementation of measures and monitoring processes to ensure ongoing improvement.

Furthermore, ACM underlined the responsibility of operators to adhere to safety obligations, particularly by establishing and maintaining an Aircraft Maintenance Safety Program (AMSP) in accordance with international standards.

In February, a team from ACM, led by its Managing Director Gervais Damasy, engaged directly with aircraft operators on-site to discuss operational safety and security. Through fostering collaboration, identifying challenges, and pursuing collective solutions, this initiative underscores the commitment to operational excellence within Madagascar’s civil aviation sector.

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