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Fly-Li : New airline venture

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Fly-Li : New airline venture

Result of collaboration with ETF Airways

Ali Omar, the 3rd Vice President of the Departmental Council responsible for transportation, announced the launch of Fly-Li, with its headquarters in Mayotte. This initiative results from a partnership with the Croatian airline ETF Airways, an acronym for « Enjoy the Flight ».

Talks for the establishment of Fly-Li began two years ago. Following unsuccessful negotiations with Air Austral and a need for freight offers from Ewa Air, the departmental councils turned to ETF Airways. Initially planned for March, its launch has been postponed to April due to recent obstacles in Mayotte.

The new airline focuses on regional flights, mainly serving routes between Reunion Island, Madagascar, and Moroni in the Comoros. « The two aircraft serving passenger flights are SAAB-2000s, capable of accommodating up to 60 people. As for air freight, a SAAB 340B with a capacity of 3 tons will be used. With connections to Madagascar and Moroni, this freight carrier facilitates access to regional products and supports the economy of Mayotte », highlights Ali Omar.

This initiative addresses food shortages and enhances regional exchanges, especially with Reunion and Madagascar. Fly-Li Mayotte already holds its air transport certificate, allowing it to conduct commercial transportation operations. Additionally, Ali Omar emphasizes establishing a public-private partnership with 52 % ownership through joint investments from the public and private sectors.

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