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Social Security : General Health Insurance Project (AMG)

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Social Security : General Health Insurance Project (AMG)

Revision of technical parameters for validation plan

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Health, the General Health Insurance Project (PAAMG) recently convened a strategic meeting to review technical parameters.

Enacted by legislation since 2017 and originally slated for a five-year rollout, the General Health Insurance AMG is a joint initiative between the State and the French Development Agency (AFD). Its primary objective is to ensure equitable access to healthcare for all, aligning with a broader vision of achieving universal health coverage by 2030, as emphasized by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Health. This endeavor is viewed not only as a fundamental commitment to human dignity but also as a cornerstone of justice and prosperity.

The AMG is currently in its pilot phase, spanning 18 months and focusing on specific regions and health districts. The strategy meeting for PAAMG convened various stakeholders in the health and social protection sectors. The coordinator introduced a model emphasizing two key aspects : family-centric membership and solidarity-based financing involving the State, AFD, and households. Adjustments were proposed to enhance the program’s responsiveness to the health needs of the population.

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