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Struggling businesses : Facilitating financial recovery

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Struggling businesses : Facilitating financial recovery

Resolution of financial services : Proposed solutions

Ongoing blockades on a part of the island are causing difficulties for businesses. Measures will be taken to assist these companies.

Out of potentially 5,000 employees in Mayotte, 300 requests for partial activity have reportedly been submitted to the Directorate of Economy, Employment, Labor, and Solidarity (Deets) since the start of the protests by the Vital Forces about five weeks ago.

The Social Security Fund of Mayotte (CSSM) is suspending its collection actions against entrepreneurs who cannot pay their contributions. The departmental commission of financial services chiefs is proposing alternative collection methods. It involves granting a repayment plan for fiscal and social debts to allow for a spread-out payment of social contributions. The approved plan is binding on the concerned creditors: URSAFF, DRFIP, etc. Additionally, all requests for tax credits for competitiveness and employment will be prioritized.

Local authorities still need to complete time processing at the local level despite their services being slowed down. Christian Pichevin, Regional Director of Public Finances (DRFIP) on the island, informs that « although details are not yet known, real and concrete discussions are ongoing » with the government to establish an aid mechanism to support businesses whose economy is being affected by the blockades. This demand was raised by the Intersyndicale, bringing together employers’ organizations such as the Mayotte Employers’ Federation (Medef Mayotte) and the island’s chambers of commerce, and has already been forwarded by the prefecture services to the Ministry of Overseas Territories as well as the administration in Bercy.

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