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Minimum wage : 29% increase for more than 141,000 employees

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Minimum wage : 29% increase for more than 141,000 employees

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Following the Cabinet’s approval of the National Advisory Council on Salaries’ recommendation in early December 2023, Labor Minister Soodesh Callichurn confirmed that the minimum wage would be raised to Rs 15,000 (309 EUR) starting January 2024.

Up from the current Rs 11,575, this adjustment represents a substantial increase of Rs 3,425, equating to a 29 % rise and benefiting 141,700 employees. Minister Callichurn expressed the Government’s commitment to prioritizing the welfare of workers, stating, « The government prioritizes the best interests of workers, and we will not stop there ».

The Cabinet’s approval also includes the implementation of the Contribution Social Charge (CSG) of Rs 2,000, providing individuals with a Guaranteed Minimum Income of Rs 17,000 per month. Minister Callichurn clarified that this new measure will positively impact approximately 141,700 workers in both the public and private sectors. He acknowledged the global repercussions of the Ukraine-Russia conflict on citizens’ purchasing power and affirmed the Government’s dedication to supporting the people.

Furthermore, Minister Callichurn highlighted the collaborative efforts between the Government and the Mauritius Revenue Authority to establish a mechanism aiding companies facing challenges in meeting the national monthly minimum wage for their employees.

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