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Grant awarded to Vallée de Ferney

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Grant awarded to Vallée de Ferney

Fund to Protect Biodiversity

A grant has been awarded to Vallée de Ferney to bolster its mission of sustainable conservation, encompassing three significant projects around the Nyon River : the restoration of degraded forests, reforestation of grazing areas and the establishment of an agroecological farm.

Vallée de Ferney, a preserved natural sanctuary in Mauritius, is intensifying its conservation efforts through a partnership with the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF). This collaboration empowers Ferney Ltd to receive a grant of Rs 13 million (290,000 USD) over three years to launch three innovative projects centered around the Nyon River.

This initiative marks a pivotal step in Ferney’s mission to safeguard the exceptional biodiversity of Vallée de Ferney. The project, a collaboration between Ferney Ltd and the Vallée de Ferney Conservation Trust, aims to mitigate the impacts of climate change. With a substantial grant from CEPF, Ferney can execute an ambitious program to enhance the climate resilience of the ecosystem surrounding the Nyon River.

The allocated funds will support crucial actions, including restoring degraded forests, reforestation grazing areas, and establishing an agroecological farm in collaboration with local communities.

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