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Establishment of fertilizer factories : Public-private Partnership

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Establishment of fertilizer factories : Public-private Partnership

Accessibility to Fertilizers to Boost Agricultural Production

On March 27, 2024, the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock (MINEA), Ratohiarijaona Suzelin, signed a partnership agreement with members of the private sector to establish several fertilizer factories.

This agreement aims to facilitate access to fertilizers for farmers, especially in six regions of Madagascar. The project is part of the actions to be implemented within the first 100 days, as well as efforts to achieve food self-sufficiency, a goal set by the presidency.

The companies STOI and Manarivo Entreprise will be responsible for setting up fertilizer factories in the Analamanga region, while the companies BSF and Biozen will operate in the Atsinanana region. The company ZINA will operate in Amoron’i Mania, while FAMA will intervene in Alaotra Mangoro. Finally, the structure IRM will establish a factory in the Boeny region. MINEA also plans to establish a collaboration protocol with the company IAZAFO.

Moreover, these companies will benefit from premises, some of which will be rehabilitated, to distribute fertilizers near agricultural areas. This proximity will also facilitate access to the energy necessary for the proper functioning of the factories within this partnership. Many of the signing companies encourage the use of organic fertilizers to better preserve the environment.

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