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100% Scanning Project : Port of Toamasina on the Path of Innovation

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100% Scanning Project : Port of Toamasina on the Path of Innovation

The General Directorate of Customs is undertaking a modernization initiative in Toamasina, aimed at streamlining procedures. The 100% scanning project, already underway, is poised to enhance control efficiency, reduce clearance times, and bolster the security of goods in transit.

In the first phase completed last year, two dedicated import scanners were installed in Toamasina. Another four scanners, comprising two for imports and two for exports, are set to become operational soon. The comprehensive goal is to extend 100 % scanning to all areas involved in international operations by the year’s end.

This technological advancement transcends the mere acceleration of customs procedures. The implementation of 100 % scanning in Toamasina stands as a crucial element in fortifying the security of goods in transit. Beyond rapid anomaly detection, it is anticipated to curtail costs linked to goods storage and transportation delays.

The Director General of Customs emphasized the project’s significance for the Malagasy economy. The primary challenge lies in deploying more effective risk assessment procedures, enhancing information analysis capabilities, and structurally managing risk. This approach aligns with the ongoing modernization of Madagascar’s customs services and the optimization of international operations.

Following the recent visit, the customs team engaged with freight forwarders to introduce the upcoming procedures associated with the installation of scanners by year-end. This step aims to equip Madagascar’s international trade operators with the necessary insights to navigate forthcoming changes and capitalize on the benefits derived from this revolutionary approach to managing the flow of goods.


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