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Tourism : Independent accommodations are in high demand

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Tourism : Independent accommodations are in high demand

Private accommodations are performing well

There are currently 780 authorized tourist accommodations on the Seychelles islands, including 77 % independent ones.

The Ministry of Tourism published its latest figures on December 29, 2023, revealing that cottages make up 43 % of the total rooms available, with 3 190 out of 7 459. The department estimates that the occupancy rate for cottages, and guesthouses, was 53 % in 2023, an improvement compared to 2022.

Nonetheless, despite a 3 % increase in average daily rates compared to 2022, rates over the past year were 12 % higher than the reference year, 2019. The Ministry is committed to encouraging Seychellois participation in the tourism industry. This has been stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Tourism, Sylvestre Radegonde, during a press briefing.

Seychellois invests more in tourism

« The figures indicate that there are many more Seychellois in the tourism sector. In most cases, owners manage their businesses themselves. It’s clear, the majority of our rooms are in the hands of Seychellois », stated Minister Radegonde. After visiting around 300 establishments since her appointment, Minister Radegonde praised their standards and the quality of services.

In this regard, Minister Radegonde noted that these establishments continuously add value to their products and are expanding to play an even more significant role in the industry.

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