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Increase in tourist arrivals compared to January 2023

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Increase in tourist arrivals compared to January 2023

More and more tourists coming to Seychelles this year

Seychelles is experiencing a significant upswing in tourist arrivals this year, marking a notable 25 % increase in January 2024 compared to the same period in 2023. According to the latest figures released by the National Bureau of Statistics (BES), a total of 29,066 visitors graced the shores of the country last month, with the majority arriving for leisure purposes.

Among the arrivals, 21 % constituted regular visitors who specifically selected Seychelles as their holiday destination. In contrast, January 2023 saw 23,315 arrivals. Notably, a substantial 81 % of last month’s visitors hailed from Europe, with Asia contributing 9 % to the total count.

Consistent with data compiled by the Ministry of Tourism from the preceding year, Germany, Russia, France, and the United Kingdom maintained their positions as the primary countries of origin for tourists. Germany led the pack, accounting for 29 % of total visitors.

Commercial flights emerged as the preferred mode of arrival for the majority of tourists, constituting a larger proportion compared to cruise ship arrivals (13 %) and private aircraft (1 %).

In terms of destination distribution within Seychelles, Mahé welcomed the highest influx of visitors at 56 %, followed by Praslin at 13 % and La Digue at 4 %. Accommodation preferences leaned towards hotels, with 68 % of visitors opting for this option, while approximately 3 % chose to stay with friends.

The positive momentum continued into the fifth week ending February 4, with 8,055 visitors landing in Seychelles, marking a robust 29 % increase compared to the corresponding period in 2023.

Reflecting on the remarkable tourism performance in 2023, Seychelles witnessed a total of 350,879 arrivals, surpassing the initial projection of 348,000. Forecasts for 2024 suggest a further 1 % increase, with arrivals expected to reach 368,500.

While it remains premature to draw definitive conclusions, the current trend aligns optimistically with the department’s projections, buoyed by increased seat availability and promising future bookings.

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