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Collaboration between Blink by Emtel and Mindex

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Collaboration between Blink by Emtel and Mindex

Virtual wallets for securing digital assets

Blink by Emtel and Mindex have partnered to create secure and regulated virtual wallets for digital assets.

This collaboration comes at an opportune time as Mauritius aims to strengthen its African digital leadership. « This initiative bridges the gap between the traditional and digital worlds, expanding options for individuals and businesses in Mauritius and across the African continent », highlights Emtel CEO Kresh Germany. On the other hand, Mindex CEO Jessica T. Naga explains that this cooperation is part of the effort to secure strategic partnerships to provide safer solutions to Mauritian and African clients.

Initially focused on the exchange and custody of Stable Coins, the offering is also open to pilot projects of central bank digital currencies in Africa. Any Blink user wishing to benefit from the new services must register on the Mindex platform. After validation, the client can acquire various assets through the Mindex platform by transferring the corresponding funds to their account. Users can also make purchases with Blink or Mindex via the Blink application. In the latter case, transactions are instantly credited to their Mindex wallet, with confirmation notified by blink.

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