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Airtel Madagascar introduces its groundbreaking “Airtel Satellite” offer

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Airtel Madagascar introduces its groundbreaking “Airtel Satellite” offer

High-speed connectivity anytime, anywhere

Airtel Madagascar introduces its latest innovation, the « Airtel Satellite » offer, on March 11, 2024, providing high-speed connectivity accessible anytime, anywhere. This solution is tailored for businesses reliant on internet services, particularly those situated in remote regions.

Building on a partnership established in November 2022 between Airtel Africa and Eutelsat OneWeb to address the continent’s escalating demand for broadband connectivity, the rollout follows a successful trial conducted in South Africa in September 2023. Airtel aims to extend this offering across its network spanning 14 countries, with Madagascar among the initial beneficiaries, expanding service coverage and enhancing competitiveness.

Airtel Satellite ensures dependable, low-latency connectivity through its collaboration with the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite internet service provider. This coverage caters to the increasing broadband requirements of both urban and rural areas, addressing emerging demands effectively. The connection boasts high resilience, ensuring consistent availability and uninterrupted connectivity. Additionally, prospective users can expect personalized assistance in setting up the service.

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