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Social protection is about to be extended to self-employed workers

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Social protection is about to be extended to self-employed workers

Experimental initiative in multiple regions of Madagascar

The scope of social protection is broadening to encompass self-employed workers, as a national roadmap for extending social protection to this group was launched this year by the Ministry of Labor, Employment, and Civil Service in collaboration with the General Directorate of Labor and several partners. Antsirabe has been chosen as the pilot city for this initiative.

Shortly, all self-employed individuals in Madagascar will be included under social protection. According to Christelle Ramaroson, Director General of Labor, the project initiated this year has made significant strides in experimentation. Tailored measures have been introduced for the Vakinankaratra region, which is designated as the pilot area. These measures primarily target members of informal economy platforms in Antsirabe, Ambatolampy, and Betafo, as well as farmers affiliated with the Fekritama Trade Union Federation, the peasant branch of the Malagasy Christian Syndicate.

On February 22 and 23, 2024, a consultation workshop was conducted in the Vakinankaratra region. The workshop aimed to introduce the project for extending social security to participants, solicit the feedback of self-employed workers, and perform a feasibility study on the target population to ascertain their needs.

This two-year project will benefit eight regions, primarily focusing on farmers, with the flexibility to tailor offerings to each locale. Beneficiaries will access social protection, including healthcare and retirement benefits. A family could receive coverage of up to 500,000 MGA ( 130 USD ) upon contributing up to 100,000 MGA.

The government, alongside several organizations such as the National Social Security Fund (CNAPS), the International Labor Organization (ILO), and Miray Mutual, is collaborating to implement the project to extend social security to self-employed workers. Globally, the project aims to achieve various crucial objectives, including sustainable development and promoting decent work and economic growth.

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