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Seychelles : SMA launches observation network

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Seychelles : SMA launches observation network

Observation network to anticipate meteorological phenomena

The Seychelles Meteorological Authority (SMA) has launched its observation network to strengthen climate change monitoring and improve its early warning system.

The Seychelles Meteorological Authority’s observation network consists of 13 automatic weather stations installed throughout the country, including 10 on Mahé, two on Praslin, and one on La Digue. It was inaugurated at a ceremony held at the Eden Bleu Hotel on Eden Island in late 2023.

The sophisticated weather stations are designed to help improve climate services. The aim is to keep pace with rapid technological development and to cope with the increasing impact of extreme weather events linked to climate change.

Giving people access to real-time data

The various stations measure the amount of water vapor in distant clouds. This allows forecasters to know how much rain will fall and how hard it will hit the islands, allowing for accurate weather forecasts and warnings.

The stations have a platform from which users and the general public can access real-time information on current weather conditions. They are connected to a main server at SMA, where meteorologists can access the information 24 hours a day and issue warnings when necessary. The installation of the weather stations, which have now been in operation for four months, took place from December 2022 to June 2023.

« This will ensure that weather and climate information reaches all citizens across the country, taking another step towards the World Meteorological Organization’s Early Warning for All initiative », said Hoareau.

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