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PIM launches PIM recycling to boost recycling capacity

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PIM launches PIM recycling to boost recycling capacity

Encouraging sustainable and responsible use of plastic

PIM Limited is a crucial player in Mauritius’ industrial development and a partner to over 400 local businesses.

PIM Limited is committed to sustainable production and exploring all options for responsible plastic use. Since 2020, the company has embraced a new brand signature, « Rethinking plastics in a changing world ».

PIM Limited has successfully rallied major economic operators around its responsible approach to plastic waste. It has developed recycling solutions for PhoenixBev crates, Décathlon hangers, Maurilait ice bins, and Sofap paint buckets.

On Monday, March 18, PIM Limited chose to mark World Recycling Day by officially launching a new entity, PIM Recycling Ltd. This entity will enable it to offer a dedicated service and boost its recycling capacity. With PIM Recycling, it will be possible to expand the range of products for recycling through new partnerships with local communities and authorities, businesses, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing, and shopping centers, among others.

PIM Recycling Ltd was launched by Kavi Ramano, Minister of Environment, Solid Waste Management, and Climate Change. Representatives from sectoral associations and economic operators were also present.

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