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Partnership between CTM and Ravinala Airports Madagascar

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Partnership between CTM and Ravinala Airports Madagascar

New agreement for the development of air connectivity

The Madagascar Tourism Confederation (CTM) and Ravinala Airports Madagascar have forged a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing air connectivity to bolster tourism in Madagascar. Signed on February 9, 2024, by Tojo « Lytah » RAZAFIMAHEFA, Chairman of the CTM, and Julien COFFINIER, Managing Director of Ravinala Airports Madagascar, the agreement aligns with CTM’s roadmap to elevate tourism prospects in the country.

The partnership encompasses three key areas of focus: enhancing international connectivity, strengthening the domestic network, and elevating airport service standards. With a shared vision to support Madagascar’s tourism goals, the collaboration seeks to promote exchanges and coordinated efforts aimed at improving air accessibility, in line with the government’s target of welcoming 1 million tourists by 2028.

Central to this collaboration is the endeavor to attract new air transport operators through market development initiatives and mutual investments. Efforts will include lobbying airlines and relevant authorities, as well as conducting prospecting and benchmarking activities in neighboring countries.

In the interim period before the regional transport aircraft (ATR) by Madagascar Airlines come into service, the agreement facilitates licensed private airlines to operate on domestic routes. This strategic move aims to maintain a national fleet of 5 to 6 ATRs, ensuring continued air connectivity and accessibility within Madagascar.

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