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OHADA : Madagascar’s private sector actively seeking to join

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OHADA : Madagascar’s private sector actively seeking to join

Opportunities for cooperation between OHADA and GEM

Madagascar’s private sector, represented by the Madagascar Association of Enterprises (GEM), is once again advocating for the rapid inclusion of the Big Island into the Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa (OHADA).

OHADA stands as one of the most notable success stories in legal integration, boasting international legal personality and a mission to foster legal harmonization among its member states. Madagascar’s largest employers’ platform reports constructive discussions on various shared interests, particularly exploring collaboration opportunities between OHADA and the Malagasy private sector. GEM applauds this initiative and commits to sustained dialogue with the OHADA Permanent Secretariat, Madagascar’s Focal Point, and all relevant stakeholders to promote a commercial environment conducive to economic growth and investment on the island.

In line with this commitment, the « Malagasy Consortium for OHADA » was established on April 9, 2024, comprising key professional groups from the private, liberal, and associative sectors. This move signals the private sector’s determination to accelerate Madagascar’s integration into the OHADA legal sphere. The decision of the employers’ association is informed by MCI’s analysis of Madagascar’s potential membership and associated business prospects. OHADA, in turn, affirms Madagascar as one of its priority areas, reflecting a mutual commitment to advancing legal integration and fostering economic development.

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