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Launch of the second OGP action plan 2024-2025

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Launch of the second OGP action plan 2024-2025

Five chosen areas for the year

The second national action plan of the OGP identifies five areas of collaboration between the government, civil society, and private organizations.

During the ceremony, the official creation of the Coalition for National Integrity is marked by signing a memorandum of understanding by independent state institutions. « This action plan reaffirms Seychelles’ commitment to the principles advocated by the OGP, focusing on transparency, inclusivity, and participatory decision-making », notes Vice President Afif.

Having joined the OGP in 2018 through the World Bank, Seychelles is among the 79 countries supporting good governance. In December 2023, the Seychelles Cabinet of Ministers reviewed seven potential areas to include in the Seychelles’ national action plan. Among these, five areas received cabinet approval.

The five approved areas, which form the core of the second National Action Plan for 2024-2025, are :

  • Continue implementing the Fisheries Transparency Initiative to improve transparency and sustainability in the fishing sector.
  • Establishing a national coalition for integrity.
  • Promoting digital transformation and connecting people to bridge the digital divide.
  • Developing a policy for employee well-being and empowerment to enhance work environments.
  • Managing alcohol consumption to create a healthier and more productive population.
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