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World Cancer Day : SPA raises funds

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World Cancer Day : SPA raises funds

SPA Raises Funds to Accompany and Support Cancer Patients

The Social Protection Agency (SPA) is once again demonstrating its unwavering support for those facing the challenges of cancer on World Cancer Day.

In commemoration of World Cancer Day on February 4, and in solidarity with cancer patients and their families, Social Protection Agency (SPA) staff set up a stand outside their office at Ocean Gate House, to raise awareness of the disease. ASP Executive Director Brenda Morin says her organization distributes flyers to inform people about the financial assistance provided to cancer patients. « As we know, some cancer patients can’t work and we need to help them financially », said Morin.

In addition, an on-site donation box was available for any contributions, as well as the sale of various items to passers-by to raise funds. These included items made by ASP employees, sold for between 10 and 25 SR, or between 1 and 2 USD. ASP declares that all money raised will be donated to a cancer patient.

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