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Intensification of efforts against Cholera

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Intensification of efforts against Cholera

Response to the Global Cholera Epidemic alert

The Ministry of Health expresses concern over the increasing number of cholera cases worldwide, as reported by the World Health Organization (WHO).
In a press release issued yesterday, the ministry states that, given the large number of outbreaks, their geographical expansion, and the shortage of vaccines and other resources, the WHO continues to assess the risk at the global level as very high.

The WHO African Region remains the most affected area, with 17 countries reporting cholera cases between January 1st and December 15th, 2023. Six countries are classified as being in acute crisis: The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Mozambique, the United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

This month, the Comoros, an Indian Ocean island country, also reported a cholera epidemic, according to the statement. « To date, the Seychelles have not reported any cases of cholera. Given the global situation, the proximity, and interaction of Seychelles with the African continent as well as with the Asian continent, the country remains exposed to the risk of imported cholera cases », the ministry asserts.

The Ministry of Health is strengthening its surveillance and preparedness to detect, isolate, and treat cholera cases to prevent further spread. Cholera is a viral disease transmitted through ingesting contaminated food or water. Most people infected with the cholera bacterium do not develop any symptoms. It takes 12 hours and five days for a person to show symptoms.

Over 95 % of the Seychelles population has access to treated water and adequate sanitation. The Ministry of Health urges the population to remain vigilant and ensure the continued practice of strict hygiene.

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