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Heightened vigilance against Cholera

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Heightened vigilance against Cholera

Public Awareness Campaign Among the Population

Is the Union of the Comoros managing to control the cholera epidemic identified for the first time in Grande Comores on February 2nd ? While it’s too early to declare victory, the signals are encouraging, although Dr. Naouirou Mhadji urges caution.

The country has successfully treated fourteen infected patients. So far, the island of Anjouan has not recorded any cases. However, authorities face difficulties in containing these initial signs of contamination altogether. In an interview with Flash Infos, Dr. Naouirou Mhadji provides an update on the disease situation, which is not causing concern among the population.

In Moroni and outside the capital, citizens still need to change their daily habits. However, there are active cases, six to be precise, according to the latest bulletin published by the Comorian Ministry of Health. In eight days, the country has managed 22 cases out of 29 detected, including 11 imported cases. But 14 of them have recovered.

Nevertheless, vigilance must be maintained, insists Dr. Naouirou Mhadji. « Certainly, we have been able to locate the contacts and residences, which are being monitored daily. However, at present, it is difficult to determine the trend since cholera is an epidemic that spreads very quickly. Once a case is identified, the population is at risk. At any moment, there could be an outbreak of cases », reminds the director of disease control at the dedicated ministry.

Regarding the decreasing fatality rate of 9 %, according to the bulletin of February 10th, Dr. Naouirou Mhadji attributes this success to the quick response of health authorities. « We react quickly. Once a case is detected, we send it to Samba Hospital for treatment. We have strengthened various structures so that everyone is prepared », added the doctor, who was already on the island of Anjouan to identify admission sites in case a case is determined.

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