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Ensuring minimum healthcare services

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Ensuring minimum healthcare services

Prioritizing healthcare continuity despite challenges

Mindful of the social upheaval gripping parts of the island, the National Union of Private Nurses in Mayotte stands in solidarity with the mobilization. However, it underscores the crucial need for healthcare professionals to carry out their duties unhindered to maintain a minimum standard of care.

Mayotte contends with disruptions, and the primary nursing union remains vigilant to safeguard patient safety. These healthcare professionals advocate for patients’ well-being across the island amidst the protests. Mayotte’s healthcare system operates in a palliative capacity, with hospitals functioning at reduced capacity due to a shortage of qualified personnel.

Therefore, facilitating the movement of healthcare professionals, particularly private nurses, is essential to ensure a minimum level of care and prevent potentially hazardous situations. Cancer patients, dialysis recipients, cardiac patients, pulmonary sufferers, stroke survivors, and individuals requiring wound care for bedsores, among others, rely on nursing interventions. Some treatments are urgent, and as community nurses, these healthcare providers are dedicated to upholding the continuity of care. This necessitates that, except for a cyclone red alert, these nurses must attend to patients, regardless of prevailing circumstances.

The collective responsibility rests with the Living Forces of Mayotte, the populace, and barricade leaders to recognize the urgency of facilitating the movement of private nurses.

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