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Enhancing healthcare digital transformation in Seychelles

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Enhancing healthcare digital transformation in Seychelles

Progress in Digital Health

Around thirty Seychelles Ministry of Health officials gathered for a forward-thinking session on digital health. The event at the Escale Marina Resort and Spa aimed to assess the strides made in digital technology in Seychelles and chart a course for further improvements.

Minister of Health Peggy Vidot spearheaded the event, underscoring the pivotal role of technology in daily life and exploring its potential integration into the healthcare sector. Minister Vidot emphasized the imperative to prioritize digital health, stating, « We must focus more on digital health and understand where we stand and where we are headed ».

The National Health Strategic Plan 2022-2026 encompasses healthcare innovation. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare sector disseminated pandemic statistics and COVID-19 information to the public via SMS, leveraging digital health. The Electronic Health Information System (EHIS) has been operational since late 2021, with ongoing efforts to connect the system to laboratories and X-ray units. This integration will empower doctors to access information directly on their computers.

The meeting featured enlightening presentations, roundtable discussions, and interactive sessions to delve into crucial facets of the digital health roadmap. Speakers shared their insights on the strategic vision, goals, and implementation plans for the ongoing digital transformation of the healthcare sector.

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