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Recommended distance learning

Continuing the School program remotely if necessary

Disruptions affecting certain educational institutions prompt the regional education authority to implement distance learning to ensure students attend all school days. In cases where students lack computer tools, middle and high schools will remain open.

« On Wednesday, February 7, the rector of the Mayotte Academy, Jacques Mikulovic, instructed that no risks should be taken to reach your workplace in case of roadblocks. Organizing remote work is preferable», stated the rector. Grande-Terre has faced roadblocks for over two weeks, rendering school transportation impossible. Consequently, some institutions face staff shortages as not all staff can access their workplaces.

According to the rector, it is crucial to prioritize « onsite classes where possible, distance learning where not feasible, or any other means of educational continuity ». If necessary, staff and students are encouraged to visit the nearest educational institutions to access computer tools. Addressing the concerns of final-year students regarding Parcours Sup (the platform for applying to higher education), the rector insists that « each student must be contacted again. »

« I am deeply concerned about the number of missed school days, the needs of the students, and the challenges we will face in reintegrating them into academic work. Education will play a pivotal role in restoring long-term stability in this region », he expressed. Concurrently, in response to disturbances outside middle and high schools, the rector indicates ongoing collaboration with school construction management to assess security measures at the institutions. Schools in Mamoudzou municipality (such as Kwalé, Passamaïnty, or M’gombani middle schools, and Younoussa-Bamana high school), as well as those in Petite-Terre or Koungou, have experienced disruptions before or after school holidays.

A counseling and psychological support cell is available to staff through the Prevention-Aid and Follow-Up Network (Pas).

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