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Election of the 19th NYAS promotion

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Election of the 19th NYAS promotion

Mobilization within secondary schools

The National Youth Council of Seychelles (NYCS) is organizing elections for the 19th National Youth Assembly of Seychelles (NYAS). Elections in secondary schools commence on Monday, February 26, in public and private institutions. Mont Fleuri and Beau Vallon schools currently boast the highest representation, with the SNYC team already visiting Persévérance, Pointe Larue, and Plaisance secondary schools.

At Persévérance secondary school, a long queue of eager voters awaits their turn. The school presents four candidates – three boys and one girl – awaiting their peers’ decision. Like last year, students aged 14 to 17 are eligible to vote.

Janetta Ally, the SNYA coordinator, expressed satisfaction with the ongoing process. « I am pleased with how the elections are unfolding, and I hope this promotion can achieve great things like the previous one. » Two enthusiastic candidates shared their hopes and aspirations for this election, with one of the three boys stating, « I decided to run because I want to make a difference and fulfill all my promises to the school. »

If elected, he aims to initiate a project to provide the school with basketball and volleyball courts. The lone female candidate also outlined her projects. « My goal is to improve the perception of my school because people always associate Persévérance secondary school with violence, claiming that our students are always fighting. I hope to change that perspective, » she said.

At Plaisance High School, elections attract two candidates eager to share their compelling experiences. Francesco states that if elected, his primary task would be to promote the renovation of the school, creating a conducive learning environment. This sentiment is echoed by his opponent, Trisha. « I am very confident in myself, and I’m not one to make half-promises, which is why I believe that if I win this election, I will be able to lead our school in the right direction. »

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