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Inauguration of new infrastructure in Agalega

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Inauguration of new infrastructure in Agalega

Strengthening relations between Mauritius and India

Prime Minister Pravind Kumar Jugnauth of Mauritius is scheduled to visit Agalega on Wednesday, February 28, accompanied by delegations from Mauritius and India. This visit to Agalega signifies the official inauguration ceremony for the new infrastructure on the island. The event will include an online address by Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India.

The development projects in Agalega originate from an agreement between Mauritius and India. The island has seen the construction of a new runway, dock, and other facilities by AFCONS Ltd, funded by India. The main objective is to promote, safeguard, and ensure security in the Indian Ocean region. This involves heightened surveillance and control of the exclusive economic zone, efforts to combat piracy and drug trafficking, and monitoring illegal fishing activities.

Prime Minister Jugnauth and his Indian counterpart, Narendra Modi, are preparing for a historic event to bolster bilateral relations between their countries. The leaders will inaugurate a landing strip and pier on Agalega Island during the ceremony, unveiling six community development projects. This initiative signifies a significant milestone in the development partnership between India and Mauritius, focusing on enhancing connectivity, improving maritime security, and fostering regional socio-economic growth. The collaboration underscores the mutual commitment of both nations to ensuring regional stability and security, highlighting India’s role as a critical strategic partner in the Indian Ocean.

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