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Application for membership in the World Scholarship Federation

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Application for membership in the World Scholarship Federation

MERJ aspires to increase its reputation on a global scale

The MERJ group of companies is actively pursuing membership in the World Federation of Exchanges. Additionally, the entity seeks validation from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission as a designated offshore securities market.

According to Bobby Brantley, CEO of MERJ CLEAR and MERJ DEP, the consortium has strategically planned this application since the last quarter of 2023. This pivotal step aligns with their short and medium-term strategy to enhance the status and accessibility of the Seychelles stock market on the global stage.

Formerly known as Trop-X, MERJ Exchange comprises a Seychelles securities exchange, a clearinghouse, a securities settlement system, a securities depository, and a registry. « By the end of 2023, our listing encompassed 31 securities, including esteemed local companies such as SACOS, Cable and Wireless, and Distilleries Trois Frères (Rhum Takamaka), » Mr. Brantley emphasized.

The MERJ group is committed to deepening its collaboration with existing partners to introduce innovative products. To foster greater transparency, the conglomerate plans to revamp its IT infrastructure and enhance its regulatory framework, commencing with listing rules. Additionally, the Seychelles exchange intends to unveil a pioneering solution to boost liquidity for products listed on its primary market, known as « market pools.»

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