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Increases Safety Cooperation between Reunion Island and Mauritius

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Increases Safety Cooperation between Reunion Island and Mauritius

Strengthened cooperation between Reunion Island and Mauritius: Towards better safety of movements

Reunion Island and Mauritius recently held their 6th Mauritius Contact Group meeting on security in Reunion, resulting in concrete measures to strengthen regional security, combat common threats, and foster security and judicial cooperation.

June 6, 2023, marks a significant milestone in the collaboration between Mauritius and Reunion Island in strengthening regional security. The discussions focused on five key themes: internal security, maritime security, movement between the two islands, judicial cooperation, and combating environmental offenses.

This fruitful meeting resulted in adopting of important measures to enhance cooperation in these crucial areas. The two countries agreed to formalize the exchange of information between maritime surveillance centers to detect suspicious ships and prevent sea accidents. This measure will enhance coordination and allow for a more effective response to maritime threats.

Additionally, Reunion Island and Mauritius will continue their capacity-building program for officers of the Mauritius Revenue Authority and the customs of Reunion. They also agreed to formalize their cooperation to facilitate joint investigations, thereby strengthening the skills of law enforcement officers and promoting better cross-border cooperation.

Combating illegal migration and terrorism through communication

The fight against illegal migration was also discussed at the meeting, with both parties committing to explore the possibility of collaboration in this area and to enhance information exchange to face this common challenge. Moreover, the issue of combating terrorism was raised, demonstrating the two countries’ willingness to explore potential areas of collaboration to counter this threat. This work encompasses surveillance of the Indian Ocean and the pooling of data when suspicious ships are detected. Judicial and legal cooperation was also strengthened, with both parties committing to improving their collaboration in these key areas. This will facilitate information exchanges, strengthen law enforcement, and contribute to more efficient justice.

The agreed measures reflect the shared commitment of Reunion Island and Mauritius to enhance stability in the Indian Ocean region and demonstrate the benefits of close cooperation and effective coordination in facing common security challenges.

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