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Assises of Work in Mayotte

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Assises of Work in Mayotte

Assises of Work: Meeting the Challenges of Mayotte Employment

The Assises of Work, which took place last April in Mayotte as part of the National Council of Refoundation, were marked by rich and constructive discussions aiming to put work at the heart of concerns.

A major employment event launched by the Minister of Labor Olivier Dussopt, the Assises of Work addressed the crucial issues facing the world of work and employment, particularly in digital and ecological transition. Three priority themes were explored during this event. The first concerns the integration into the work of people with disabilities. Participants highlighted the importance of raising awareness and communicating more about this issue while implementing concrete measures to promote the professional integration of these talented and often under-represented individuals. Innovative initiatives were discussed to create an inclusive and equitable environment for all workers.

The second theme discussed was health and safety at work. The exchanges highlighted the importance of ensuring employees’ safe and healthy working conditions. Preventive measures were mentioned to reduce occupational risks, particularly musculoskeletal disorders, and psychosocial risks. Promoting mental health and well-being at work was emphasized to create professional environments conducive to fulfillment and productivity.

Finally, the third theme focused on sharing added value and profit-sharing agreements. Participants addressed the crucial issue of the fair sharing of wealth produced by companies, particularly in the context of Mayotte, characterized by a high unemployment rate (34 % in 2022, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies – INSEE) and a predominantly public sector (46 % in 2018, according to INSEE). Ways were explored to reduce pay gaps with other territories and to encourage employee loyalty through attractive profit-sharing agreements. The goal is to stimulate worker motivation and commitment while promoting local economic growth.

At the end of this intense day of reflection, it became clear that the commitment of all actors is essential to create added value specific to Mayotte and promote its economic development. The Assises of Work highlighted the local specificities of the island while proposing concrete action plans to meet the challenges of the world of work. By valuing innovation, inclusion, and solidarity, Mayotte thus positions itself as a territory resolutely turned towards the future, where work occupies a central place in constructing a prosperous and balanced society.

Ianja Ny

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