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Strengthening partnerships in the Indian Ocean region

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Strengthening partnerships in the Indian Ocean region

Economic exchanges: Strengthening partnerships in the Indian Ocean region

The Indian Ocean region is experiencing a strengthening of economic ties between its various territories. Madagascar, Mayotte, and Reunion have recently signed economic partnership agreements to promote cooperation and stimulate regional economic development.

This early May, a convention opened new prospects for trade and investment in the Indian Ocean zone. As part of these agreements, Madagascar, represented by the France-Madagascar Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIFM), established a convention with Mayotte, represented by the Mayotte Development and Innovation Agency (Adim), and with Reunion, in collaboration with the Club Export Reunion. These partnerships promote trade, investments, and economic cooperation between the islands.

The cooperation aims to stimulate key sectors such as agriculture, livestock, tourism, health, and information and communication technologies (ICT). These sectors represent strategic areas of activity that can benefit from partnerships and complementarities between the different economies of the region.

Stimulating information and partnership for fruitful cooperation

The implementation of these economic partnerships is also accompanied by initiatives such as sharing economic and strategic intelligence data. This collaboration allows economic actors to understand business opportunities and market trends better, thus favoring informed decision-making. In addition, these agreements encourage meetings between entrepreneurs from different islands. These exchanges promote the creation of strong business networks, enabling companies to develop new partnerships and seize mutually beneficial business opportunities.

These economic cooperation initiatives are part of a desire to strengthen ties between the territories of the Indian Ocean region and to promote harmonious and sustainable economic development. The economic partnerships between Madagascar, Mayotte, and Reunion represent an important step towards regional influence, demonstrating the common vision of the region’s economic actors seeking to exploit the different islands’ complementary potentials. They open up new perspectives for businesses in the region by creating business opportunities, promoting trade, and stimulating regional economic growth.

Mias Sylvia

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