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IDC : Production of black tiger shrimps

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IDC : Production of black tiger shrimps

Seychelles’ Island Development Company (IDC) unveils black tiger shrimp project

Island Development Company (IDC), a state-owned Seychellois company boasting a robust turnover of 75 million USD in 2023, has officially announced an ambitious black tiger shrimp production project for the current year.

In a recent press conference, Christian Lionnet, the Deputy CEO of IDC, revealed details of the local black tiger shrimp production initiative. Despite an initial setback, the Seychellois government-owned company is determined to establish local farming for these shrimp. Lionnet highlighted that 90 % of the initial imported batch did not survive transport due to their high sensitivity to stress. The company aims to complete the hatchery by June 2024 for larvae production and plans to raise them in ponds. The first batches are expected to be ready for the market by October or November.

Advancements on Coëtivy Island

Moreover, the Deputy CEO anticipates a notable enhancement in the quality of shrimp produced on Coëtivy Island, attributing it to adjustments made in the processing system. Previously, shrimp were transported from the farm to a processing plant on Mahé. After installing a processing plant on Coëtivy Island, products undergo stabilized processing. By February, white shrimp in the market will exhibit significantly improved quality.

IDC currently operates eight ponds containing white shrimp, each with a production capacity of 8 to 10 tonnes. Once the black tiger shrimp project is implemented, these ponds will be shared between the two species. Lionnet estimates the total shrimp production to reach around 160 to 170 tonnes, constituting approximately 85 % of the annual local consumption.

Despite the progress, IDC CEO Glenny Savy acknowledges the challenges faced by the black tiger shrimp project. Davy explains, « We encountered significant delays last year on Coëtivy, especially with equipment suppliers, such as blast freezers. After several months of delay, we decided to change suppliers. In December, we finally set up the shrimp processing facility on Coëtivy. »

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