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FAO revolutionizes agriculture in southern Madagascar

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FAO revolutionizes agriculture in southern Madagascar

Innovative techniques yield fruitful results

An application developed by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is providing real-time meteorological information to improve agriculture in southern Madagascar.

Once plagued by desertification, drought, and famine, the south of the island is undergoing an agricultural revolution thanks to innovative approaches implemented over the past two years. This progress is reflected in improved yields, more resilient seeds, and the promotion of crop diversification.

In the village of Antsakoamamy, the « head of weather communication » proudly displays an application that is changing life in her community. « Thanks to this tool, my mobile phone gives me weather forecasts to better anticipate rainfall and plan planting », she says.

The FAO application enables some sixty farming communities to plan their daily activities. The tool helps them choose seeds and optimize harvests in the face of climatic fluctuations. The international organization also supports seed multiplication producers and provides training in improved cultivation techniques. Although the changes are gradual, the initiative demonstrates the potential for the region’s agricultural future.

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