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madagasar gold refinery

Gold refinery project in Madagascar

Madagascar collaborates with the United Arab Emirates The inauguration of the first Malagasy gold refinery will be realized through a partnership with the United Arab Emirates.

madagascar indian ocean business forum

Indian Ocean Business Forum : 25 countries to participate

Facilitating connections among economic actors in the region On November 14 and 15, 2024, the « CEO Business Forum Indian Ocean » will gather representatives from

madagascar sumitomo nickel

Nickel : Sumitomo forecasts production of 30,000 tonnes this year

Falling nickel prices impact the market The Ambatovy mining company, in which Japan’s Sumitomo Corporation holds the largest stake, is anticipating nickel production of approximately 30,000

madagascar mining decree code

Mining sector : Finalized decree of the mining code

Better regulation of mining operations in Madagascar The Minister of Mines, Olivier Herindrainy Rakotomalala, has announced the completion of the draft decree implementing the mining code.

madagascar mining graphite

Graphite mines : Encouraging outlook

Vatomina and Sahamamy Projects set to boost graphite production The prospects for the graphite industry in the Big Island are promising, with significant growth anticipated in

Titanium industry in Madagascar

Madagascar: a major player in the titanium industry In the heart of the Indian Ocean, Madagascar shines with its mineral wealth and inestimable potential in the