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madagascar rice price

Madagascar : Lower rice prices on the local market

Encouraging local Malagasy rice farming Wholesalers in the capital are witnessing a decline in local rice prices. This drop is attributed to higher rice availability and

mauritius inflation 2024

Food inflation weighs on household budgets this year

Surge in prices across food categories At the onset of this year, food inflation takes center stage. The Consumer Price Index has witnessed a notable increase

madagascar food price

Food price increases in the north

RN6 urgently requires restoration In recent weeks, the population of northern Madagascar has grappled with soaring food prices, a repercussion of Cyclone Gamane’s passage, which forced

mauritius inflation

Price increase : Combating inflation

Take steps to balance supply and demand Recent price hikes in everyday consumer products have astonished consumers, leading to growing concerns about inflation in Mauritius, especially

madagascar india importation rice

Madagascar will import non-basmati rice from India

Madagascar and other African countries will be able to import rice from India According to an official notification, India has authorized the export of non-basmati white

madagascar rice price

Madagascar : Kilo of rice costs 3,700 MGA

Increase that affects purchasing power Consumers are disappointed by the increase in the price of a local variety of rice, which has reached 3,700 ariary, or

Drop in the Price of « Palm Heart » in Reunion Island

Changes in the Market and the Gastronomy The island of La Réunion is witnessing a significant shift in its culinary landscape. The traditional delicacy, palm heart